2006 Election Results

The voting period is now finished. Thanks to all those who have taken the time to vote for the new ACP. The 4 elected members of the new ACP EC are the following CPers: - Christian Schulte - Michael Trick - Jean-Charles Regin - Jimmy H.M. Lee Congratulations to them! According to the rules of the ACP, the new ACP Executive Committee consists of the following 12 members: - Frederic Benhamou - Narendra Jussien - Javier Larrosa - Jimmy H.M. Lee - Pedro Meseguer - Michela Milano - Barry O'Sullivan - Jean-Charles Regin - Francesca Rossi - Christian Schulte - Michael Trick - Peter Van Beek Many thanks to F. Bacchus, K. Apt, and M. Wallace who have finished their term! For any questions, you can contact Remi Coletta at coletta@lirmm.fr ###Election Details Number of Voters: 118 Number of Votes: 283
Christian Schulte68
Michael Trick66
Jean-Charles Regin52
Jimmy H.M. Lee49
Roland Yap48